The goat section has been part of Berry Show since the early 1980s and is currently dedicated to Angora goats. The magnificent feel and luster of mohair endears it to everyone who encounters its beauty.

The dedicated competitors provide a wonderful display of high quality animals. Exhibiting their animals is a social and learning opportunity that helps breeders to refine their skills and connect with others for support and camaraderie. Berry Show, with its welcoming atmosphere and family values, is the perfect location to exhibit and to invite the public to experience the wonders of Angora goats.


Schedule 2020

Application Form

An entry will only be accepted if it is accompanied by the following documentation:

Closing date

Pre-entry only by 5pm on Friday 17th January 2020. Late entries will not be accepted.

Although entries cannot be added after that closing date, substitutions may be made up until 9am on the day of the show. Note however, due to the strict recording system, substituted animals will not appear in the official show records.

Entry form guidance

Please pay attention to the entry form tips given here. In addition for the Goat section:

  • In specialty classes, e.g. Dam and Progeny, several lines may be used. However, these lines should be joined together with a single bracket ‘}’ on the left-hand end of the lines.
  • Ensure the word ‘Fleece’ is clearly written at the beginning of each fleece entry.
  • Fleece entries must be distinguished by the goat’s name, bloodline or other distinguishing title. For example, the entry ‘Buck Fleece – Star Champion’ is correct, but the entry ‘3 buck fleeces’ is not acceptable. Remember, each fleece entry must be on a separate line.

Entry conditions

The following entry conditions are to be observed by all entrants:

  • All goats must be free of external parasites. Goats will be refused entry if live parasites are identified on any part of any goat in the show team.
  • All goats must carry a valid NLIS tag.
  • For age classes, a goat’s age is to be calculated on a monthly basis, i.e. a goat born on the 12th June will be classes as 6 months of age on the 12th December of the same year.
  • If a competitor is wearing clothing that displays the name or logo of his/her stud, that competitor must wear a plain white or grey dustcoat during judging.
  • No stud signs are permitted to be displayed prior to or during judging.
  • All fleeces must have been shorn within 24 months of the show date.
  • School classes are for stud goats registered to a specific high school and exhibited by current school students.
  • Goats entered in the age and specialty classes must be registered with a recognised breed society.
  • At the judge’s discretion, goats or fleeces may be moved to a different class than that shown on the entry form.


Contact the Show Office

Class details

There are three class categories, as detailed below.

Age and gender

For goats of a specific gender and age group. To identify strong robust goats which carry the finest fleeces. Preference is generally given to goats at the upper limit of the age bracket.


  • Doe and Progeny: In this class, the doe and its progeny (buck or doe) are judged as one unit. The aim is to demonstrate that the progeny is an improvement on the doe, which can be difficult with high quality stock.
  • Sire’s Progeny: As with the Doe and Progeny, the Sire’s Progeny class judge’s two goats as one unit. Both goats must have the same sire, but different dams. Twins or triplets are not allowed. The aim of the class is to demonstrate the sire’s ability to consistently produce quality offspring. Therefore, the judge is looking for two goats with the same physical characteristics and the same, high quality fleece. Two goats of the same gender generally do best in this class.

Junior Judging

  • Junior Handler: The handler classes focus on judging the skills of the goat owner to correctly and effectively handle his/her goat. This class is open to any breed of goat. The exhibitor must demonstrate handling control while walking, standing and catching their goat. This class is open only for exhibitors 10 years of age or younger.
  • Junior Judging: To encourage the next generation of goat farmers, the Junior Judging classes focus on the exhibitors demonstrating their judging skills. Each exhibitor is required to select the first, second and third place getters in a line of angora goats or fleeces chosen at random. The points scored by the winning entrants add towards the state competition at the Sydney Royal Show.

School classes

Additionally there are School classes for High School agriculture students who are exhibiting Angora goats bred as part of a high school program. The classes are similar to those described above and are judged on the same criteria.

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