The Children’s Pet Show is an opportunity to enter your pet in the Berry Show and win a ribbon. So if you have a furry, scaled or feathered friend then bring them along and be part of the Greatest Show In Town!

The Pet Show is held on the Friday afternoon of the Berry Show in the Woodchop arena on the south-eastern side of the grounds. In 2020 it will be held on Friday 31st January. We have classes for most species of animal, except snakes. For a full list see below.

Thank you to the Berry Veterinary Clinic for sponsoring the Children’s Pet Show.


Schedule 2020


Registration for the Children’s Pet Show is taken on the day in the Woodchop Arena. It costs just $1 per child. We start taking registrations from 3.45pm and judging beings at 4.15pm.


Each child will need to have a waiver form completed and signed by a parent of guardian on the day at the time of registration to participate.


Contact the Show Office


Ring 1 and Ring 2 run simultaneously and the Pet Show usually concludes at 5.15pm.

Ring 1

1    Prettiest Budgie

2    Pet Duck

3    Pet Fowl

4    Best Kept Parrot

5    Most Colourful Bird

6    Best Kept Home for a Bird

7    Best Kept Kitten

8    Kitten with the Most Colours

9    Best Kept Cat

10   Cat with the Most Colours

11   Pet Mouse

12   Best Mouse House

13   Guinea Pig with the Most Colours

14   Best Kept Guinea Pig

15   Rabbit with the Most Colours

16   Best Kept Rabbit

17   Pet Lizard

18   Insects

19   Any other Pet (no snakes)

20   Pet Most Like its Owner – Classes 1 to 19

Special Ribbon for Best in Show to be presented by Berry Veterinary Clinic. Best in Show will have the opportunity to be in the Saturday Grand Parade.

Ring 1 – Puppies

Puppies must be under 6 months

21   Best Kept Puppy

22   Most Cuddly Puppy

23   Puppy with the Most Colours

24   Puppy with the Biggest Feet

25   Puppy with the Waggiest Tail

26   Cutest Puppy

27   Puppy that Looks Most Like its Owner – Classes 21 to 26

28   Best in Ring 1 – Classes 1 to 27

Ring 2 – Dogs

Dogs must be over 6 months old.

29   Best Kept Dog

30   Dog with the Waggiest Tail

31   Dog with the Longest Tail

32   Dog with the Shortest Tail

33   Happiest Dog

34   Shaggiest Dog

35   Smallest Dog

36   Largest Dog

37   Dog with the Cleanest Teeth

38   Dog with the Floppiest Ears

39   Dog with the Most Colours

40   Dog with the Biggest Feet

41   Dog that Looks Most Like its Owner – Classes 29 to 40

42   Best in Ring 2 – Classes 29 to 41

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