the 137th Berry Show

What to see at the Show


Get ready for an unforgettable woodchopping experience as the 2024 Berry Woodchop section unveils exciting new additions and esteemed guest David Foster!

The 2024 Berry Woodchop section takes another step up. Not only will we again host the Australian men’s standing block Championship and the NSW single handed sawing events but in 2024 we will for the first time host the NSW women’s underhand chop. Attracting record prize money for a Berry Woodchop women’s event.

We again also look forward to hosting David Foster from Tasmania as a guest commentator in the Woodchop ring and guest speaker at a sponsors breakfast on Saturday morning of the Show.

Two State and National championship events together with David Foster holding National and World Woodchop Hall of fame status will make for a special Woodchop section. 

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