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The ancestor of all poultry breeds was a small bird living in the forests of Southeast Asia. Some of these Jungle Fowl are still bred in captivity and occasionally appear at shows.

However, the Jungle Fowl has been developed into hundreds of breeds and colours for fighting, meat, egg-laying and pets. It is probably the most diverse of all domestic livestock in utility and number of breeds.

Come to the Berry Show and see how breeding has changed the Jungle Fowl and the Mallard duck into many breeds of attractive and productive livestock for farm and backyard.

Berry Show is also a good way to view the various breeds and to talk to the breeders. Discover which breed would be most suitable for you. This is a fascinating hobby, particularly since poultry have a short generation cycle and can be contained within a relatively small space. You may even find that you want to join “The Fancy”.

Berry Show Entries go ONLINE in 2023!

You will soon be able to enter Poultry online for the 2023 Berry Show.

Click Here to Visit Berry Show on Showday Online

Please see the simple steps below to follow when entries open.

1/ Create a login

2/ Add a new person (you will need a new person for each exhibitor in the family) (NB/ Only the name fields are mandatory, you can leave the others blank)

3/Poultry are classified as Farm Animals for the purpose of Showday Online

4/See the schedule and any relevant forms like waivers for your section under Documents and Downloads section in Showday Online


Schedule 2022

Poultry Entry Form & Waiver 2022 (fillable form)

Closing date

Pre-entry only by 5pm on tbc.


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