Exhibiting in the Pavilion

Pavilion Sections

Chief Steward: Sharon Jeffery
Senior Assistant Chief Steward: Sue Hinkley Junior Assistant Chief Steward: Linda Page

Pavilion will be open Friday 9am - 7.00pm, and Saturday 9am - 7.00pm. Closing Saturday 7pm, Exhibits to be collected on Saturday 8pm. Please note only recognised assistance dogs are permitted in show buildings.

What you need to do.

  1. Read the conditions of entry at the front of the Pavilion Section, in the schedule (PDF) or below (click here).
  2. Fill in the Entry Form (PDF),
  3. Complete entry online at Showday or Lodge the signed Entry Form (PDF) with the office in person or by email berryshow@virtualcity.com.au,
  4. Deliver your exhibit as directed by the Entry Information table in the Schedule. 

IONIE ATKINS MEMORIAL Ribbon & Prize of $100 will be awarded to the most successful exhibitor in at least two sections in the Pavilion. This award will be chosen from sections 9 - 28 inclusive. 1st prize is awarded 3 points - 2nd prize 2 points. If the second prize is divided, points are divided. Highly commended carries no points. No extra points for Champions. If there is an equal score, the exhibitor with the most first prizes will be the winner.

Conditions for entry

The stewards ask that you read the conditions below and the hints at the top of the cooking section before entering your exhibit(s) in the Pavilion Classes.

  • There are no entry fees in the Pavilion classes.
  • All exhibits must be completed within the past twenty four months and be the work of the exhibitor.
  • Pavilion entries are judged before the show starts. Entrants must register their exhibit on an Entry Form, lodge this with the Show’s Secretary by the time & on the date indicated at the top of each section or the Entry Information Table at the front.

This can be done online at www.berryshow.org.au where you will find step by step instructions on how to enter through our new program, Showday. Emailed to berryshow@virtualcity.com.au, in person at the Show Office or posted to PO Box 173, Berry 2535. Completed entry forms need to arrive at the office prior to the indicated closing time.

  • No late entries can be accepted.
  • Exhibitors may enter up to two items per class.


  • Judges are looking for nicely presented work that is clean, within the size limits and comply with the regulations noted for particular classes.
  • No article will be accepted unless the Entry Ticket is attached to the item. For hard articles stick the ticket to the front bottom left, except photography where it is attached to the back. For soft articles it is best to attach the ticket with a pin. The remainder of the ticket is required for collection of the article.



  • The retained part of the Entry Ticket is the proof of identification. Present this to the steward for collection of article.
  • Articles must be collected on Saturday between 8-9pm
  • No article can be removed before 7pm Saturday.

Prize money can only be collected from the Secretary’s Office from Friday 11am - 5pm and Saturday 11am - 5pm. No Prize Money can be collected after the close of the Show.

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