the 137th Berry Show
Exhibiting in the Pavilion

Pavilion Sections

Chief Steward: Sharon Jeffery
Senior Assistant Chief Steward: Sue Hinkley Junior Assistant Chief Steward: Linda Page

Pavilion will be open Friday 9am - 7.00pm, and Saturday 9am - 7.00pm. Closing Saturday 7pm, Exhibits to be collected on Saturday 8pm. Please note only recognised assistance dogs are permitted in show buildings.

What you need to do.

  1. Read the conditions of entry at the front of the Pavilion Section, in the schedule (PDF) or below (click here).
  2. Fill in the Entry Form (PDF),
  3. Complete entry online at Showday or Lodge the signed Entry Form (PDF) with the office in person or by email,
  4. Deliver your exhibit as directed by the Entry Information table in the Schedule. 
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