Exhibiting at the Show


Chief Steward: Bob Folkard;

Stewards: Kevyn Davis, Jessica Bonnitcha, Christine Talbot, Laurie Talbot

Judging starts at 8.30am Saturday

Entries to be on Showday by 5pm, Wednesday 1st February 2023. No late entries will be accepted.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
Classes 8001-8069 1st $10.00 and 2nd $5.00,
Classes 8070-8083 1st $5.00 and 2nd $3.00

As well as showcasing the different breeds of poultry, the Poultry Pavilion will be host to displays and information with the theme of eggs.

There will be kid's activities and also things to interest adults. Hold a baby chicken, do some craft, learn something about eggs that you never ever knew to ask! Do the 'Chicken & the Egg' multiple-choice trivia quiz (answers provided).

Come and chat to poultry enthusiasts and find out what showing poultry is all about.


First 228 Birds entered will be accepted NB Limit of two entries per class per exhibitor unless the birds are different breeds (in the A.O.B. classes) or different colours. In these cases, no more than two birds of each breed or colour may be entered.


  • All exhibits must be in the hands of the Stewards by 8.30am on Saturday and may be removed after 4.00pm on that day. Stewards may decide to release birds earlier if birds show heat stress.
  • Junior exhibitors must be under 14 years of age and pen their own birds.
  • In Any Other Breed classes (A.O.B.) the breed should be stated on the entry form so that, if FOUR or more birds are entered by at least TWOexhibitors, a class can be made for that breed prior to judging if not in the schedule. This can not be done on the day.
  • Any bird showing illness or parasite (such as lice or scaly leg mite) will be removed from the pavilion.
  • No birds are to be removed from cages except by judge or steward until unpenning time.
  • No one is to interfere with or talk to the judge while judging is in progress.

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