Food Options Galore

Food at the Show

There are several food vendors dotted around the Berry Show.

Download the Festival map to see where they are all located.

Pies, cakes, drinks, tea & coffee

Cafe Grande - located under the Grandstand
Here you'll find traditional fare such as Devonshire teas, Hot food, Drinks, Tea and even barista coffee

Food Vans in the Food Court
There are plenty of food options in the food court from all over the world!

Sideshow Alley
If you're looking for a Dagwood dog, some fairy floss, hot chips, etc - head right on over to Sideshow Alley - you will not be disappointed.

Rotary BBQ
If you're looking for a bacon and egg roll or a sausage sizzle head on over to the Rotary BBQ (near the Woodchop).

Axeman and Sawyers Bar
And of course, there's always the shady bar where you can find refreshments most of the weekend.

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