Competitions at the Show

Hay Stacking

Saturday Evening in the McGoldrick Main Arena.

The aim of the competition is for each team of three people to work together to build a stack of hay bales in the quickest time.

The stack will consist of 17 bales for the open competition (13 for juniors.) Each bale is carried one at a time using the strings and cannot be thrown. The first layer is a base of 4 bales, 3 on the second layer and two on each layer after that.

The winner is the team that is the quickest to construct the stack and then return all team members to the start line.

Entry Fee: $10 per team - payable at the announcers box on the day.

Entries Close: 7pm Saturday 4th February 2023

Open Competition: Each team member must be 15 years of age and over.

Junior Competition: Each team member be 10 years of age and under 15 years of age.

Catch the action in the McGoldrick Main Arena at approximately 8pm on Saturday evening.

For a full schedule of events - download the PDF

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