the 137th Berry Show

Berry Show Society Inc. Rules

The preamble at the front of each section shall be onsidered summary of the By-Laws.
All entry forms must be completed online or handed into the Secretary’s Office on the date and at the time listed as noted for the section.

The prizes awarded to each class are indicated in each section and reported under the class & against the sponsor’s name. In lieu of monetary prizes offered, vouchers or trophies of equal value may be allotted in special circumstances.

Protests must be lodged in writing within seven days after the Show, subject to Association By-Laws.

Indemnity & Waiver Forms
The show committee and stewards take care to minimise risks, but attendees are asked to do their part to support our efforts. Everyone entering the main arena must complete and sign an Indemnity Form (Waiver) available from the Announcers’ Box. The form waivers any claim for injury, loss or damages that may be sustained when entering, working or competing at the show. Parents or guardians of entrants under 18 years of age must sign their child/ward’s waiver form to in the least indicate that they agree to their child or ward entering a show event that contains some form of risk. After signing the waiver, entrants will be issued a wristband that gives them access to the main arena. Entrants will be refused entry to the ring if the wristband is not attached to their wrist and is visible to the stewards.

Public Risk
Any accident occurring during the Show, or other function held by the Society, must be reported to the Secretary, AND VERIFIED during the current dates of the Show or other show function, otherwise the Society will not accept responsibility for the consideration of any claim.

The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by any exhibitor or competitor, or as a result of any act of neglect of any Steward or member of the Committee or public, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society harmless, and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from any such accident, and to agree to all the rules/conditions.

Damage to Exhibits - the Society will not, under any circumstances, hold itself responsible for any loss or mis-delivery of livestock or other exhibits at the society’s exhibition, or for any damage thereto or loss thereof.

Loss by Disease - the signing of the Certificate of Entry of any animal will be taken as a guarantee that the animal specified is free from all disease being spread through or by any exhibit, and the exhibitor shall be held responsible.

Veterinary charges are the responsibility of the owner.

Dogs are not allowed in any pavilion or exhibition arenas unless a competition entrant in a scheduled event or an assistance dog (on duty).

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