Exhibiting at the Show

Angora Goats

SATURDAY ONLY PROGRAMME - Starts at 10.00am.

Steward: Ken Mitchell

Goats on ground no later than 9.30am

Animals to remain on ground until 2.00pm

Prizes: 1st $15, 2nd $12, 3rd $10

It is a requirement in NSW for owners of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and pigs to have a Property Identification Code (PIC) when trading or moving these livestock.

A PIC is a unique eight-character number assigned by Local Land Services to properties with livestock. This property registration system allows for the tracing of livestock to assist with disease and chemical residue management.

To obtain a PIC you must complete an application form and lodge it with your Local Land Services office.

Application for a Property Identification Code


Entries to be on Showday by 5:00pm Friday 20/01/2023

No late entries will be accepted

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