Berry Show Treasures

Berry Show Treasures

For each Berry Show, a person is chosen to be honoured as a Show Treasure to acknowledge their long and outstanding service to the Show. 

In 2023, Berry Show is pleased to present the two Treasures for the previous 2020 and 2022 Shows which were not held due to bushfires or COVID-19 restrictions.

2022 Berry Show Treasure

Denis O’Keeffe

Denis O’Keeffe’s grandfather emigrated from Tipperary in 1884 when he was 16. After farming in Kangaroo Valley and Brogers Creek and becoming increasingly involved in breeding and showing Illawarra shorthorns he founded Kiltankin AIS stud and dairy on prime land in Jaspers Brush. He married Martha Timbs in 1896 and thus began the O’Keeffe’s contribution to the improvement and breeding of the AIS breed in the Shoalhaven. The track to their farm is now O’Keeffes Lane. Denis was born, grew and worked on the farm at Jaspers Brush where he raised, bred and milked Illawarra Shorthorns. In 1956 he and his parents started a new stud called Laurelgrove on their dry run and continued to breed, show and dairy.   Denis loved showing his beloved red cows at Berry and Nowra show. He showed cattle from a very young age, leading to a lifetime of showing and judging cattle and also produce. Being a man of many talents, he also loved entering his woodwork, vegetables and delicious cakes in the pavilion.

2020 Berry Show Treasure

Janet Bowden

Janet was born in Nowra, the second child to Nancy & Keith Miller.  Her siblings being Margaret (Pottie), Judith (Ingall), and John Miller. They were all raised on the family dairy farm “Broughton Mill” in Wharf Road. Janet attended Berry Public School and then SCEGGS for her high school years where she was a weekly boarder that enabled her to come home on the weekends and enjoy the outdoor life on the farm. The show has always been part of Janet’s life since she was born as both her mother and father were heavily committed to the Show movement.

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