Exhibiting at the Show


CHIEF STEWARD: Gillian Orford

HORSE ADMINISTRATOR: Gillian Orford : berryshowhorsea@hotmail.com

ANNOUNCER’S BOX ENTRY STEWARDS: David Edmonstone & David Boyle. 

RING STEWARDS: Jeremy Christley, Keith Downes, Kim Bailey,
Scott Galbraith, Paul Condon, John Mathers, Paul Timbs, Tim McGoldrick, Anthony Lewis, John Miller, William Miller, Lleyton Evert & Ray Watson.

General conditions for all horse events     Entries on Global  -  www.globalentriesonline.com.au


Entries to be on Global by 9pm on Monday, 29/1/2024. No entries taken during the Show.

Fees - $5 per class entry, unless otherwise stated in Showjumping.

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