Competitions at the Show

Young Farmer Challenge

This is a competition for teams of four young adults, each team including both male and female competitors. The teams complete a series of agriculture-related tasks against the clock and are judged on skill and ability.

This competition will take place in the McGoldrick Main Arena at around 4:30pm on Saturday.

For a full schedule of events - download the PDF

REGISTRATION: Teams must register interest by 5pm Wednesday 1 February 2023 by email to
ENTRY FEE: $5 per team at the Announcer's Box at least 1 hour prior to your heat.
PRIZES: 1st Place in Final - $800, 2nd Place in Final $400

Sponsored by:

Mountain Side Meats - Berry

Nathan Alcock

Silos Estate - Raj Ray

The Berry Barn - Sandra Bramley

Berry Pharmacy - Clare & Edd Watts

Southern Hotel

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