Airtime FMX Bike Show

Australian Ramp Designs (ARD) FMX Stunt Team will perform at the Berry Show, providing death defying Freestyle Moto x Entertainment assured to leave crowds on the edge of their seats. Team ARD is an International Freestyle Moto X Stunt Team performing around the world with stops in Dubai, China, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia and New Caledonia. Well-known and much loved tricks such as heel-clicker and no-hander back-flips, superman, seat-grab and 9'oclock knack will see their inclusion during the shows.

You'll see them at the show on Saturday evening where you'll be treated to two shows, one at around 6:30pm and then another at about 8:40pm. There's lot to keep you entertained in-between:

For a full schedule of events - download the PDF

See a video on YouTube (click the link below)

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